Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Earlier in the day, as I was cleaning out and organizing old files, I came across a letter to me from the writer Richard Bradford, author of the acclaimed novels Red Sky at Morning and So Far From Heaven, postmarked in late December of 1995. It was in response to my request for an endorsement of my debut novel, Tularosa, which was due out in spring of 1996. A friend, Richard was the first writer I approached for a quote to use on dust jacket for the book to be published by W.W. Norton. This is what he wrote:
Dear Michael,

On the comment card I sent to Norton, there were a few ways I could go and still keep my integrity:

(1) A sensitive, poetic first novel of bruised feelings about a frail, albino adolescent coming to terms with this ambiguous sexuality. The extended interior monologues (in French) are enchanting.

(2) A thumb in the eye, a knee to the balls! McGarrity makes Hemingway look like a ballet dancer, makes Spillane sound like a pansy. The NRA says, "For those few members who can read, this is the book of the year."

(3) The most absorbing, and socially useful, book I've read since the 1968 edition of Noguchi's classic Serum Diagnosis of Syphilis.

Anyway, I sent something in, and if the Norton people think it's useful they'll use it and send you a copy. Otherwise, they'll cough nervously and deposit it discreetly in the round file.

See you on the 30th.  Love to Mimi.



P.S. I thought TULAROSA was terrific.

The blurb Richard wrote for the book was as follows:

"Michael McGarrity has a sharp ear for Southwestern talk, a clear eye for Southwestern country, and an alarming knowledge of the reaches of human wickedness. This sure-footed mystery may be his first book but -- believe me -- this guy's been practicing."

Richard died too soon in March, 2002 and I still miss his friendship, humor, and great intellect. If you haven't yet read his two classic novels of Santa Fe and New Mexico, I invite you to do so.  You won't be disappointed.  

Thursday, December 22, 2016

MY 2017 New Year's Resolution

It might seem a bit early, but given the pending state of the union, here are my resolutions for 2017:

Stay tough-minded, remain tolerant, within reason, of others, be wary of all true believers, and never fail to remember the basic ideals of a civilized society that matter to us all.  


Sunday, December 11, 2016


McGarrity Inadvertently (Stupidly) Deletes Blog.

Dateline Santa Fe, NM
December 11, 2016

After publishing a rambling, rather long philosophical blog concerning the cover story featuring a nine-page spread about his novels in the Sept./Oct. 2016 issue of Firsts: The Book Collector's Magazine, McGarrity attempted to correct a typo but instead managed to delete (thankfully) the entire posting. All attempts to rescue it from the void of cyberspace  having happily failed, he herewith provides the following synopsis from the Table of Contents:

     (McGarrity's) "first book, Tularosa, is a masterpiece of it's genre and the ones that followed were just as good. Recently, McGarrity finished his Kerney Family Trilogy of Western novels. None of McGarrity's books are as elusive or as expensive as they are certain to become."

In a side note, he promised to work at improving his proof-reading skills. (Don't count on it.)