Tuesday, April 18, 2017


I'm pleased to announce that the trade paperback edition of THE LAST RANCH, the final book in my American West trilogy, will be available in bookstores nationwide and on-line, Tuesday, May 2.
"McGarrity's trilogy achieves an encompassing history that is real, heart-stopping, and harshly beautiful."
                   Robert L. Patten, senior research fellow for the Institute of English Studies,
                   School of Advanced Study,
                   University of London
For all of those who've been waiting for the paperback edition, you can order it now!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


 Just back from the Tucson Book Festival, I've plunged into RESIDUE with an eye to hit the halfway point in the story by April. Tucson was great, but it was my last major public appearance event of the year. Coming up next are four remaining events on my schedule, none of which are truly "public." This Friday, March 17, I'll be speaking to creative writing students at the New Mexico School of the Arts here in Santa Fe, and on Tuesday, March 28, I'll be appearing on a panel at the Society of Applied Anthropology at the La Fonda Hotel, also here in Santa Fe.
 On Saturday, April 8, I'll be speaking at the annual University of New Mexico Writers Conference in Albuquerque, and on Sunday, at an old friend's request, I'll meet with members of the Tanoan Book Club in Albuquerque. 
 And that will be it, until the end of the year.

 Over the past twenty-one years, I can't remember establishing such an absolute cut-off on public events for myself, but from May until the end of October, I need to be totally focused on the book. Maybe, if everything falls into place by then, and my editor is happy with the result, I'll take my sweetie away for a Christmas holiday somewhere nice and warm. 

I do plan to blog occasionally, so I won't become completely invisible.

See you down the road.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Since 2000, I've had a website typical of what most writers put up on the Internet. There's a brief biography, a list of my published works with lovely book review quotes of how great they are, some photographs, links to bookstores that sell my books, a way to email me, and an events page that now directs folks to my Facebook page. 

Although it has been updated several times over the years, the website (www.michaelmcgarrity.com) now basically sits there as is, lonely and neglected as I've developed new author "platforms" on the World Wide Web.

Author platforms are those things writers are supposed to do to expand their presence, enhance their media exposure, and draw new audiences to their work. For example, because of my past experience as a police officer, I should be blogging a lot about crime. Or, I should be using my background as a clinical social worker to be posting about problems such as homelessness among veterans with PTSD. By doing so, I establish myself not only as a writer, but as an "expert," thus giving me more "chops" that draws more fans, readers, and media attention to me and my body of work.

So now I Blog, and I'm on Facebook, the Goodreads Authors page, the Amazon Authors Page, and something called LibraryThing, which I don't have a clue about other than it lets writers sign up. And I'm wondering nine months on, if it's worth it. Has this attempt to make me more interesting, more accessible, more of a desirable commodity to readers, achieved any payoff in terms of sales, growing celebrity status, or heightened anticipation for my next book or public speaking event?

The answer is a resounding, "I don't know, but I doubt it."

 What it does is consume time I could be better using working on my next novel "Residue." That's not to say I'm going to stop. I just plan to pay less attention to social media, unless you, dear readers, can convince me otherwise. Your job here, as I see it, is to vote on the simple question:

Is my enhanced presence on social media important to you? Yes or No.

And thanks for voting.