Everyone Dies

Everyone Dies 2003

Another impeccable outing from the master of the small-city procedural (The Big Gamble, 2002, etc.). Reviewer: Kirkus starred review - June 15, 2003 McGarrity’s Kevin Kerney series, set in New Mexico, has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. At first, it played heavily on the mythic West and the difficulty of adapting rugged individualism to the modern world. Lately, the focus has shifted to the everyday life of a contemporary police chief—a good man trying to balance the contradictory roles of tough cop and sensitive husband. The new focus is far more difficult—Who wants quotidian reality when you’ve had a taste of mythic resonance?—but McGarrity rises to the occasion ...  Reviewer: Publishers Weekly - June 30, 2003  

An enjoyable read, with an added bonus of enough background to give us an appreciation of the New Mexico landscape.  It makes one who has never been there want to go.  Reviewer: Michael F. Hennessey I Love a Mystery Newsletter Review